Teachers and Elders – On the Shoulders of Giants

The freer you become, the more you appreciate those who have made your liberation possible.

And the opposite is true too: you can not honour anyone before you, for as long as you feel trapped.

The reiki rule “Just for today, I will honour my teachers and elders” is only accessible to those who actively pursue their potential, who live from spirit, and who open their hearts.

It is a lot more than “paying” respect to the ancestors out of sheer adherence to tradition. You feel them all, you acknowledge them all because they enabled you to be and to choose a good life.

That comes from within: gratitude, love and joy because you knew them and because you know them.

(And when it doesn’t come naturally, you still have a long journey ahead of you – toward liberation. #Free yourself.)…

16 October 2015

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