A New Day for Love

A new day to cherish the life forcethat runs through every living beingand me too.A new day to bless my homeand the feeling of home in it.A new day given by the earth and the sunwho in their tantric danceand their love for lifemake food for the bodyand food for the soul.A new day toContinue reading “A New Day for Love”

Right Livelihood: Blessing People and Your Income

Just for today, I will do my work honestly – reiki rule Consider making money not off the misery of others, but off people’s satisfaction, well-being, success. And if your work can not elicit satisfaction or well-being or success, at least don’t take away from it, but add some kind of improvement to their lives:Continue reading “Right Livelihood: Blessing People and Your Income”

Teachers and Elders – On the Shoulders of Giants

The freer you become, the more you appreciate those who have made your liberation possible. And the opposite is true too: you can not honour anyone before you, for as long as you feel trapped. The reiki rule “Just for today, I will honour my teachers and elders” is only accessible to those who activelyContinue reading “Teachers and Elders – On the Shoulders of Giants”

Just for Today, May Our Teachers Feel Our Love

On this Friday, our teachers, people who have gone before us and made a way for us, are getting abundant appreciation and as much as they can take in. May they be in bliss on this day. We are including: our reiki teachers, of course, everyone committed to raising their children well and with skill,Continue reading “Just for Today, May Our Teachers Feel Our Love”