Closing The Gap

Finding an unexpected treasure is a wonderful surprise. But finding exactly what you want and that fits you to a T, that is mind blowing. Therefore, prepare for it. Prepare for the mind blowing experience? Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. — That is what I am talking about! Guide your mind to the things that you want toContinue reading “Closing The Gap”

Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude

Once you notice the feeling you want to feel rising inside you and blooming, hold it like you hold your breath, then release it with gratitude to the All That Is. “Breathing in, I feel my bliss expanding; breathing out, I thank this life with my bliss.” … Pay attention to it. Savour it. TheContinue reading “Breathe In With Appreciation, Breathe Out With Gratitude”

Right Livelihood: Blessing People and Your Income

Just for today, I will do my work honestly – reiki rule Consider making money not off the misery of others, but off people’s satisfaction, well-being, success. And if your work can not elicit satisfaction or well-being or success, at least don’t take away from it, but add some kind of improvement to their lives:Continue reading “Right Livelihood: Blessing People and Your Income”

La Vie En Rose – Grace Jones’ Birthday

La Vie en Rose.. Noone sang it better than Grace Jones. I doubt that anyone will cover it better. Edith Piaf’s singing was full of yearning and wishing; but Grace Jones was credible and fully aligned with the song, especially with the “en rose” part, that it gives you tiny electric shivers down your spineContinue reading “La Vie En Rose – Grace Jones’ Birthday”