La Vie En Rose – Grace Jones’ Birthday

Grace Jones, born on 19 May 1948, singing La Vie en Rose in the late 1970s

La Vie en Rose.. Noone sang it better than Grace Jones. I doubt that anyone will cover it better.

Edith Piaf’s singing was full of yearning and wishing; but Grace Jones was credible and fully aligned with the song, especially with the “en rose” 🌹 part, that it gives you tiny electric shivers down your spine when she sings it. As it happens when something is soooo gooood that you perk up and the kundalini energy is trying to wake you up, not just a little piece of you, but all of you.

Delight and truth and perfection. That combo… well, it can be yours, if you let it play today… Vie en rose, vie en rose, vie en rose…

Happy birthday to Grace Jones.

19 May 2017

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