Rewarding What?

It is a cultural phenomenon: every time you see a group of people being very uncomfortable with feelings, especially feelings like grief, hurt, pain, or sadness, you will observe how little awareness and knowledge that group has, how unprepared it is to respond to actual problems … and how much drama it creates from utterly fabricated problems.

As parents, relatives, educators, coaches, therapists, holistic practitioners living in the world of now we need to become aware of what we are rewarding and to what we are responding.

Are we rewarding attention seeking behaviour (based on ego, conflict addiction, boredom)?

Are we responding to a situation that we can shift with love and compassion and by allowing the self-healing ability of all organisms to surface?

The time it takes to distinguish one from the other is worth spending.

Because in the latter situation, you can pour your attention and skill into and it will improve.

In the former situation, you are not needed. You are not even there for that person, and you find yourself “on a channel” you can not comprehend and where nothing grows. The program was on before you came, and it will go on like that when you leave. Gather the strength to turn off soap operas.

Today’s news broadcasts are a movie genre between horror and soap opera – and people who let themselves be saturated by visual media carry that energy within them. That is pretty sad, and be clear that the “news” they share is information meant to destabilize everyone who listens to it (indiscriminately). This information is not exactly food for the heart or food for the mind or food for the spirit. 

Be aware that you too need to take in information that builds you up.

12 April 2020

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