Born On This Day: Aloe Blacc

Here is a recent interview with Aloe. I mentioned him in my piece Projecting Into the Future: The Image of Success In Western Society – A Transformation From Charlie Sheen To Aloe Blacc I also feel that his 2020 album All Love Everything was the Album of the Year. Much appreciation to Aloe. Happy birthday,Continue reading “Born On This Day: Aloe Blacc”

12/12: A Master Drummers’ Birthday

I listen to the drums to heat up a place, to “flush out” energies and thoughts that I don’t want to keep, to repair myself after disappointments, sadness and upsets, to come back to me, to feel myself again, to find my groove again. The unfriendlier the events, the more percussion I play at home.Continue reading “12/12: A Master Drummers’ Birthday”

Born On This Day: Cindy Blackman Santana

Happy birthday to Cindy Blackman Santana, a role model to all creators of beauty, a virtuoso, a person lit with passion, highly inspiring for her work and personal ethic, the embodiment of the sacred feminine on earth. May many follow her foot steps in their own fields. Listening to Cindy in concert this year wasContinue reading “Born On This Day: Cindy Blackman Santana”

Happy Birthday to Ben L’Oncle Soul

When you sing like that, you don’t need an introduction. Ha ha. At times, words detract from the enjoyment. Just let the music sink in and move your limbs. “Under city lights, you can make me feel the wide open sea, I can feel the rush on the mountain top when you shine your eyesContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Ben L’Oncle Soul”

Happy Birthday To Lani Hall.

Lani Hall turns 75 on this day. The world class singer wrote a book while she was sick with the Epstein Barr Virus and could not perform. It is a mix of fiction and non-fiction short stories about women discovering who they are. Lani does not give many interviews, but when she introduced her book,Continue reading “Happy Birthday To Lani Hall.”

Happy Birthday To Vandana Shiva.

“Farming is care for the land. It is love for the land. It is not an activity to extract from the land.” Vandana Shiva, 68 on this day You will get a lot out of this almost 1 h long conversation between the UBC in Vancouver, in February 2020, and our birthday girl, ahemm, lady.

Happy Birthday to Gregory Porter.

The singer lost his brother, with whom he was very close, to covid19 and still made himself available to a few interviews this year. … “This is going to sound strange but I’ve been listening to my own music too, just reaffirming the things I believe. When I sing No Love Dying, or even songsContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Gregory Porter.”