Happy birthday, Dave!

Dave Born – from Dave Born Designs – is pretty much my favourite designer. His stylish commentaries on current topics, the elegance and the echoing strength of his artwork delight me. I am thrilled to give him more exposure! Here are a few posters he made over the years: For Standing Rock: Water Is Life:Continue reading “Happy birthday, Dave!”

Born On This Day: Thich Nhat Hanh

Happy birthday to Thay.  On this day, I recall one of his talks, where he talked about personal responsibility, and how our many choices in the home and regarding our schedule and priorities influence our well-being and can last for a long time. He told the audience about a new mother who made the effort to moveContinue reading “Born On This Day: Thich Nhat Hanh”

Happy Birthday To the Great bell hooks

bell hooks is my favourite writer, cultural critic, contemporary thinker. Her wisdom, brilliance, profundity, love-centred consciousness and constructive solutions have no peer in our time. I recommend her books – if you are unfamiliar with her work and are seeking new reading material. If you are familiar with her books and talks, you are probablyContinue reading “Happy Birthday To the Great bell hooks”

Happy Birthday to Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a truth teller at a time when truth is not valued – by the masses. Me, I value it. There are so many great essays, so many good books, so many keen observations that he shared over the decades. On this day, I am grateful to his example. Because he shows up,Continue reading “Happy Birthday to Chris Hedges”

Mikao Usui, Born 155 Years Ago

Just for today I am grateful to Mikao Usui’s birth and life and legacy. Just for today, I find his warm, sunny and generous nature in this warm, sunny and generous day. Just for today, I am grateful for the growing respect for all life on earth, nonhuman and human. A peaceable and loving disposition isContinue reading “Mikao Usui, Born 155 Years Ago”