Viva Carlos!

Born On This Day: Carlos Santana A memory of a Santana concert in 2018: Between the songs, Carlos shared highly uplifting ideas about how a collective choice for love can impact the conditions in which we live, heal even unwell situations, make those we come in contact with think in fresh ways, find solutions, stopContinue reading “Viva Carlos!”

Happy Birthday To Paul Weller

Since starting his career in music as a teen, Paul Weller has been a prolific songwriter and a memorable singer of messages that move the soul and are often easy to dance or groove to. He has no plan to retire. Paul Weller loves music too much. Lucky for us fans and future fans. SinceContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Paul Weller”

Born On This Day: Jane Goodall

“It started because a group of high school students came to me concerned about different kinds of things, such as poaching in the national parks. Or why wasn’t somebody doing something about the street children with nowhere to go? Why was there cruelty to animals in the market and stray dogs and cats? Didn’t anybodyContinue reading “Born On This Day: Jane Goodall”

Born On This Day: Chaka Khan

Are there words to describe Chaka Khan except superlatives? Like, magnificent; force of nature; the one and only; Empress of Funk; life-altering experience? Chaka has expressed many times that her voice is a gift from Creator. The love for music is so obvious in every note she sings. Love in every form is healing. LoveContinue reading “Born On This Day: Chaka Khan”

Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.

I will write a longer writing of thanks to this Lady Of Creativity, whose work has been a companion to me since her first book ‘The Artist’s Way’. I have given The Artist’s Way to so many creative friends in the 1990s, who back in the day did not know what to do with it.Continue reading “Happy Birthday To Julia Cameron.”

Happy Birthday To Buffy Sainte-Marie.

What is not to love about this large-hearted lady in music? Long before the term “fusion” was coined, Buffy wrote and performed it. She helped Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell to become household names. Buffy Sainte-Marie was the first indigenous musician to win an Oscar — for her song “Up Where We Belong” — , the first visible indigenousContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Buffy Sainte-Marie.”

Happy Birthday To Randy Crawford.

Randy Crawford grew up with five siblings who all sang at home, at church and at events, encouraged by music loving parents. In conversation, she revealed that she inherited her exquisite voice from her mother, who wanted her daughter to have a shot at a career in music. So Randy started to sing in nightContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Randy Crawford.”

Happy Birthday to Irma Thomas.

The spunky singer and fond New Orleanian celebrates her 80th birthday today. Her contribution to music is enormous. How someone can be so magnanimous and so approachable is a mystery to me that I want to know more about. My hunch is that Irma is a deeply spiritual person. As a teenage waitress, Irma gotContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Irma Thomas.”

Happy Round Birthday To Sergio Mendes!

Sergio Mendes celebrates his 80th (!) birthday today. Over the years and decades, he collaborated with so many artists all over the world. Always offering a scrumptious experience to our ears and legs, he is one of the most appreciated and relevant composers and musicians of our era.. and of the eras before us too.Continue reading “Happy Round Birthday To Sergio Mendes!”

Happy Birthday To Roberta Flack.

The friendly music enthusiast, music nerd and elegant singer celebrates her 84th birthday today. A year ago, Ann Powers wrote an intuitive and enjoyable piece about Roberta’s contribution and legacy to American music. “The Virtuoso – Roberta Flack’s career demands a new way of thinking about the word genius”:

Food Connects Us To the World

as Michael Pollan communicated in so many ways. Here is another 20 min long talk meant for everyone. Take the time for it! “I decided that the best way to encourage people to cook is to remind them what a beautiful, miraculous work it is, practice it is. And that we have been, I wouldContinue reading “Food Connects Us To the World”

Happy Birthday to Melody Gardot

The singer songwriter released a wonderful “quarantine” album in 2020. Melody Gardot gives hope to all who have survived accidents (or the results of extremely bad choices that are quite like accidents too) and whose will to heal was so strong that it opened a path. She is a musician today mainly because of thatContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Melody Gardot”

On Charlene Spretnak’s Birthday

For everyone interested, here is a 2015 presentation with Charlene Spretnak, Mariannne Williamson, Barbara King and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati about change making women, holistic leadership and the necessary cultural transformation that will be championed by women – from the ground up (not from the top down). It is a bit over an hour. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday to Charlene Spretnak!

It is too bad that there are so few excerpts of her presentations, talks and interviews online, and I have shared almost everything at this point. (Not on my blog, but in my healing groups. Still…) So I will share an anecdote about her that amused me a great deal and still makes me chuckleContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Charlene Spretnak!”

Born On This Day: Aloe Blacc

Here is a recent interview with Aloe. I mentioned him in my piece Projecting Into the Future: The Image of Success In Western Society – A Transformation From Charlie Sheen To Aloe Blacc I also feel that his 2020 album All Love Everything was the Album of the Year. Much appreciation to Aloe. Happy birthday,Continue reading “Born On This Day: Aloe Blacc”