Happy Birthday To Randy Crawford.

Randy Crawford, born on 18 February 1952

Randy Crawford grew up with five siblings who all sang at home, at church and at events, encouraged by music loving parents. In conversation, she revealed that she inherited her exquisite voice from her mother, who wanted her daughter to have a shot at a career in music. So Randy started to sing in night clubs as a teenager, without a plan B. Well, with that gift, she made the best decision, giving her all to music. Soon enough, she got discovered too, and recorded her first albums. Over the years, she worked with many fine musicians, the most notable being Joe Sample, also an Aquarius, her musical partner of many years.

Two and a half years ago, Randy had a serious health setback that led to the cancellation of all her concerts. (A stroke, I believe.)

May she recover from this challenge fully and soon. So that we get to hear her again.

Randy Crawford is my favourite female singer. In her voice, I hear everything that is lovely about life, I hear the sacred feminine…

If you like more, you can hear an entire concert at

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