Happy Birthday to Charlene Spretnak!

Charlene Spretnak, born on 30 January 1946

It is too bad that there are so few excerpts of her presentations, talks and interviews online, and I have shared almost everything at this point. (Not on my blog, but in my healing groups. Still…)

So I will share an anecdote about her that amused me a great deal and still makes me chuckle at times.

About 15 years ago, I stopped a movie to finish the dishes that had piled up. My husband (no longer among us today) sat down on the sofa and pressed on the play button.

“Oh, yes, check it out! I think you will learn something new. I will be back too once I am done in the kitchen.”

The movie was Goddess Remembered by Donna Reed, a Canadian filmmaker, featuring female scholars and cultural creatives whose research were matricentric cultures before Christianity and other mainstream, or monotheistic, religions.. and ecologically awake-and-active subcultures that were emerging since the 1960 or had even survived over time.

I thought that he would watch for 7 minutes and go back to what he was doing. But, no, he sat there and listened to all the interviewees.

I cleaned the dishes. Out of a sudden, I heard a purring sound in the background. I walked over to the living room to see what was happening.

Charlene Spretnak was talking on the screen. He was listening with full attention.

“Did I just hear you purr?”

“Yeah! She is hot! Charlene Spretnak.”

He purred again.

That is how I knew without any doubt that I was his type.

Ha ha.

Well, Charlene is my spiritual mother. Hearing a man purr at her talk or sight (and a man who was a lot younger than her) was something I never fathomed was possible to witness. But there it was!

I did not know a lot about sapiosexuality back then. He would be wearing the label proudly today.

While I fully agreed with the purr for Charlene, it was so unexpected and a delight!

Many more years of writing and teaching and enlightening to Charlene Spretnak!

You can listen to a radio conversation with her at

but I recommend her books. All her books.

Start with this one, maybe:

Book cover of Resurgence of the Real, by Charlene Spretnak

30 January 2020

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