Full Moon In Late January, Full Moon In Leo: You Matter!

Oil painting by William R. Davis whom you can visit at https://www.wrdfa.com/

Oh wow, it is a full moon again. A full Moon in Leo.

Moon in Leo is a good hair day!

Get a haircut — if you want to keep your mane, make it grow fast and thick (thick for your hair type, that is) and repair any kind of damage to your hair. Whether your hair got damaged by chemicals, heat, products, or deficiencies in your organism, stress or premature balding does not matter. Give it a chance to grow back: trim it when the moon is in Leo.

Every month between now and August, if you can. In 2021, those days fall on 28–29 January, 25–26 February, 24–25 March, 20–22 April, 18–19 May, 14–15 June, 11–12 July, 7–9 August.

We are talking about the hair on your head and facial hair, like lashes and eyebrows, and if you are a male, your beard and moustache. All body hair — including unwanted hair — grows rapidly and thicker, if you cut it now and on the mentioned days. 

The rule of thumb is: Cut where you want more of it. Don’t cut where you don’t want more of it.

Today’s self-care? 

Well, why not treat your hair?

Condition it with rice water. (Rice water consists of 2 ingredients that you already have at home: rice and water. It is very simple to ferment. Almost every hair structure benefits from rice water.)

You can also deep condition with hot oil, or with avocado, olive or grape seed oil, or any high quality oil that your hair and scalp respond well to. It will make your hair manageable and smooth, and relax your head and scalp. Wrap your hair in a towel. Put on the music that you enjoy. Soak up the light on this full moon night.

Moon in Leo affects your spine and heart too.

How do you care for your spine and vertebrae? 

Do you need a massage, maybe? Do you need to build up your skeleton muscles, especially the muscles in your lower back?

Write that down.

Then schedule that massage.

Pick the first day of training.

Do you listen to your heart? How is your heart? What makes your heart happy? What makes you come alive?

Write that down too.

Promise yourself that you will make the time for all these activities and pleasures. 

Keep the list somewhere where you see it often. 

When you catch the time, choose the days for your favourite goody, then your second treat, then your third thrill. 

Slowly add everything else.

This is your life. Make your heart beam!

If your heart is your vulnerable organ, steer away from everything that irritates you, today and tomorrow. Avoid stress. Stay away from situations that raise your blood pressure. Eat cooling food. Drink cooling beverages.

When the moon is in Leo, temperatures rise. Subjectively too, we experience these days as warmer and dryer in comparison to other days.

In the global South where it is summer now, a heat wave and sudden thunderstorms are quite likely. In the North, it is deep winter now, so use the warm and dry quality of the day indoors: warm up your rooms with your fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, your heaters and your oven will do. Allow the heat to spread for a few hours. Your home will retain the warmth well beyond this lunar transit, and you won’t have to heat as much for the rest of the season. Don’t believe it, just try it!

Moon in Leo is a great time to preserve foods too. If you pickle, dry and process vegetables, fruits and herbs from your garden down in the South and if you batch cook and cut up vegetables and freeze the portions for later here in the North, everything will stay crisp and fresh for a long time. Chances for spoilage and fungus are slim.

Make sure you get it done before the moon goes into Virgo, though. Moon in Virgo is a very fertile time of the month, a ripe breeding ground for all kinds of fungi, not only for edible and nutritious mushrooms. When the moon is in Virgo, touch only the leaves, fruits and vegetables that you will consume right away. Try to not touch any food that you will consume at a later time. For this reason, shopping at a moon in Virgo day is not a good idea. Spores fly!

Do all that while the moon is in Leo.

Moon in Leo is also a good time to re-pot your plants into fresh soil.

Turn over your compost too. It will disintegrate very well and become available as soil food faster.

Moon in Leo is an excellent day for creativity too. It stimulates your sense of significance. It boosts your belief in yourself. You are bold now. You are less prone to slowing yourself down. This is good news for all your creative endeavours, for making a great first impression, for making a great durable impression and for advancing something that is dear to your heart. 

Leap. Make yourself visible. Speak from your heart. Do what you love.

This is not a day to hold yourself back or in the background or to act timid or to put on a poker face. Limit your exposure to people who love to consume and moan and bitch and never make a plan to move forward with anything.

Perhaps it is wise to not give such situations a lot of your time anyway. Don’t do it when the moon is in Leo. Please. There is so much potential now to jump and dance and stretch to where your bliss is.

A few useful questions for the day and night:

How have you been keeping, since the New Year?

Have you given thought to a plant-based diet?

What new recipes have you taught yourself?

Have you given yourself enough rest?

If I could have the life of my dreams, what would it feel like? What would it look like? 

What can I alter now to feel that I am getting closer to it? 

Am I on the way to it already? 

How do I know that it is happening? 

How would I know that it is happening?

If you conclude that you are in a good place, bask in the feelings of gratitude.

Who believes in me? 

Write a note of thanks to that person and to all those people. 

Heart-link with your believing mirrors. Feel the connection. Share your gratitude with all on the journey with you. 

Share your smile this week. 

Happy full moon.

28 January 2020

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