Born On This Day: Jane Goodall

“It started because a group of high school students came to me concerned about different kinds of things, such as poaching in the national parks. Or why wasn’t somebody doing something about the street children with nowhere to go? Why was there cruelty to animals in the market and stray dogs and cats? Didn’t anybodyContinue reading “Born On This Day: Jane Goodall”

Love Of Living Relationships

It is safe to say that almost everybody loves the land, the water, the green life that becomes food and some aspects of the familiar culture, and almost no one loves the rules in society set up by groups who were more assertive and more successful at stealing things meant for all, in short, whatContinue reading “Love Of Living Relationships”

On Charlene Spretnak’s Birthday

For everyone interested, here is a 2015 presentation with Charlene Spretnak, Mariannne Williamson, Barbara King and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati about change making women, holistic leadership and the necessary cultural transformation that will be championed by women – from the ground up (not from the top down). It is a bit over an hour. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday to Charlene Spretnak!

It is too bad that there are so few excerpts of her presentations, talks and interviews online, and I have shared almost everything at this point. (Not on my blog, but in my healing groups. Still…) So I will share an anecdote about her that amused me a great deal and still makes me chuckleContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Charlene Spretnak!”

Sustainability Is Beauty, And Beauty Is Sustainability

“A bird may be ever so small, it always seeks a nest of its own.” Danish Proverb The ecological affirmation of the wisdom seems to be everywhere now, in late January. The nests in the barren trees pop out to my mind. Even my dreams and spirit messages dwell on “bringing the home in order.”Continue reading “Sustainability Is Beauty, And Beauty Is Sustainability”


A good reminder of how interconnected we are with our watershed. Very sound points. Our culture needs more sanity to express caring rather than the controversies we get bombarded with every day that distract everyone from doing what is possible and from forging right relationships with the elements we depend on: water, air, and earth.Continue reading “Watershed”

Could the Corona Virus Outbreak Be the Beginning of Mass Pandemics?

“We are going into largely undisturbed places and being exposed more and more. We are creating habitats where viruses are transmitted more easily, and then we are surprised that we have new ones. We are researching how species in degraded habitats are likely to carry more viruses which can infect humans. Simpler systems get anContinue reading “Could the Corona Virus Outbreak Be the Beginning of Mass Pandemics?”