Contagious Gardening

On Sunday, I visited my old garden, the one I grew from scratch on poor soil and against all warnings by neighbours who thought that I was “doing that son of a bitch of a landlord a favour that he did not deserve” – let’s say, I had more reactions of incomprehension than curiosity orContinue reading “Contagious Gardening”

Thanks On a Friday in March 2020

Thanks to the water that is hydrating and refreshing our bodies and the bodies of all animals that share our watershed. Thanks to the soil for all our sustenance and for providing natural entertainment to growers, gardeners, walkers, hikers and a playground for children and animal children. Thanks to the sky for the air that weContinue reading “Thanks On a Friday in March 2020”

Integral, Integration, Integrity

– Summer 2020 Is Still About the Heart – I mentioned before that this spring (the covid19 situation) has revealed the hearts of people. This summer will reveal even more about the heart. It is your choice whether you want to recognize or ignore, accept or resist what you are discovering. #2020revelations #integration #anahata

No Virus Is Stronger Than Life

I woke up on Saturday morning and noticed that I had lost two tiny warts, one in my palm, the other on my sole. I have used a lot of solutions on those tiny buggers in the last 7 years. Fig juice (from my parents’ fig trees) shrunk them noticeably, but once I was inContinue reading “No Virus Is Stronger Than Life”

In the Real World, During the Pandemic

I never noticed before that birds could sing so loud as this season. Maybe this spring is the opportunity to turn attention away from what we usually let into our minds and witness what mother earth is saying to us. In other words, there is a pointer to be more with the real world, toContinue reading “In the Real World, During the Pandemic”

The Offering of Covid 19

These suggestions by Dr. Jonice Webb are uplifting. I have more for you: – Slow down your breathing at least three times a day.– “Dream up” and visualize your ideal income situation and service. Recall the people who don’t need an escape and who are grateful and thrilled to do their work. How could youContinue reading “The Offering of Covid 19”

Could the Corona Virus Outbreak Be the Beginning of Mass Pandemics?

“We are going into largely undisturbed places and being exposed more and more. We are creating habitats where viruses are transmitted more easily, and then we are surprised that we have new ones. We are researching how species in degraded habitats are likely to carry more viruses which can infect humans. Simpler systems get anContinue reading “Could the Corona Virus Outbreak Be the Beginning of Mass Pandemics?”

Refine, Appreciate, Co-Create

#newmoon #April #newmooninTaurus #selfnurturing #renewalfromwithin Last night’s moon infused the air with a high-quality and genuine energy. A reminder that it is alright to beautify the spaces you spend time in, regardless of what everyone else is doing, how much it may be overlooked or appreciated, and whether the timing is right – because youContinue reading “Refine, Appreciate, Co-Create”