No Virus Is Stronger Than Life

I woke up on Saturday morning and noticed that I had lost two tiny warts, one in my palm, the other on my sole.

I have used a lot of solutions on those tiny buggers in the last 7 years. Fig juice (from my parents’ fig trees) shrunk them noticeably, but once I was in the cold climate again, they would not respond to anything, really.

Because warts are viral infections, the message I got from their sudden and very welcome good-bye was that “No virus is stronger than Life.”

My body has done spontaneous healings on a few occasions. For example on the Pentecost weekend in 2014, I lost all moles on my neck, after I came out of the shower, and they fell off into the towel. To some people, this may sound unusual, but when the body rejects something it has grown, or sheltered, for whatever reason (maybe emotional reasons, ask Louise Hay) in a swift moment, it says that it is no longer necessary.

Hey, it is a new chapter.

When I was in our last Reiki Circle, I saw three energy fields / people giving up a bad habit. That made me very happy and grateful.

In comparison, my story of healing is humble. But I am glad to feel totally new, healthy skin where there were small calluses. 


10 May 2020

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