Thanks On a Friday in March 2020

Thanks to the water that is hydrating and refreshing our bodies and the bodies of all animals that share our watershed.

Thanks to the soil for all our sustenance and for providing natural entertainment to growers, gardeners, walkers, hikers and a playground for children and animal children.

Thanks to the sky for the air that we breathe and for the space it gives us to expand into who we are meant to be and for carrying our dreams and best thoughts.

Thanks to fire for warming us, for warming our food, for bringing us together, for creating a focal point in a home, for its power to inspire us.

Thanks to spirit for guiding us. Thanks to the power of love for healing us.

Thanks to the ancestors of our family lines whose aim for us was to live well and have a future. Thanks to the ancestors of the land we walk on who knew how to live in and renew this region, who were familiar with the local water, plants, animals, weather fluctuations and were delighted by their existence.

Thanks to the nurses, ambulance drivers, hospital staff and doctors who are risking their health to serve all people during the pandemic of spring 2020.

Thanks to the service workers, pharmacists, delivery drivers, grocery store, bank, post employees, providers of all essential services for their service, so that we can be and live, respect social distancing and manage the crisis.

Thanks to all meditators, to people who can calm the turbulence in themselves and in others, to people who send love from their hearts where it is needed, to people who broadcast their clarity out into receptive minds, to people who care about life for being here.

27 March 2020

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