New moon in Cancer

Happy new moon in Cancer. New moons are the most cleansing days of every moon cycle. You can benefit from that by giving your body a digestive break, by cleaning objects that need cleaning, by cleaning up your house. Cancer is the astrological archetype most connected to “home” and family “stuff”. Today is an excellentContinue reading “New moon in Cancer”

Healing Circle on 22 May 2020

#Friday #healing #wellbeing #waterplanet We are giving thanks to the life we were given and to all the ingredients that keep us alive. We are focusing on the well-being of all living on Gaia, starting with ourselves, our next of kin, our neighbourhood, and from there, moving to the region, continent, finally including our planetContinue reading “Healing Circle on 22 May 2020”

Refine, Appreciate, Co-Create

#newmoon #April #newmooninTaurus #selfnurturing #renewalfromwithin Last night’s moon infused the air with a high-quality and genuine energy. A reminder that it is alright to beautify the spaces you spend time in, regardless of what everyone else is doing, how much it may be overlooked or appreciated, and whether the timing is right – because youContinue reading “Refine, Appreciate, Co-Create”