Healing Circle on 22 May 2020

Under the Lily Pads, by Shawn Grenninger Photo on Flickr

#Friday #healing #wellbeing #waterplanet

We are giving thanks to the life we were given and to all the ingredients that keep us alive.

We are focusing on the well-being of all living on Gaia, starting with ourselves, our next of kin, our neighbourhood, and from there, moving to the region, continent, finally including our planet as a whole.

We are giving light and reiki on this focus and letting love flow.

Today is a new moon. Add your own intent, that what you want to grow and harvest, to our healing session.

If you feel drawn to a particular region that needs balance, or you sense that some animals need better protection, or someone asked you to send healing, hold that with your love.

As always, I am grateful to Friday and to the benefits our loving light grid sprinkles on all life. I am grateful to observe the renewal in the minds and the bodies of recipients, bystanders, buddies, homies, and the participants here.


22 May 2020

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