Born On This Day: Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall, born on 3 April 1934

“It started because a group of high school students came to me concerned about different kinds of things, such as poaching in the national parks. Or why wasn’t somebody doing something about the street children with nowhere to go? Why was there cruelty to animals in the market and stray dogs and cats? Didn’t anybody care? And so right from the beginning, Roots & Shoots was about young people choosing projects to make the world better for animals, people and the environment.

You talk to our Roots & Shoots kids and they’ve got so many ideas for mitigating climate change and it’s very inspiring when you talk to them.

Each one of us makes an impact every single day in the way that we live. That, collectively, makes us move in the right direction, and if we don’t get together now, then it will be too late. If we don’t do it soon, now, then it will be the end – not just of the environment, but us too, because we depend on the environment for our existence.”

Jane Goodall, in a recent interview with BBC Travel. I recommend it.

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