Earth Send On 13 January 2023

We are meeting again in our earth send and in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. I have an abundance of news that I think will be useful to you. I will pack these discoveries and handy revelations into my reiki send essays of the coming months. As I type,Continue reading “Earth Send On 13 January 2023”

Earth Send On 4 November 2022

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our weekly earth send. Once again, we are grounding ourselves in sanity, unity and harmony. In my region, nature has provided the harvest. Many stores are filled with produce that is in season, affordable (at a time of inflation,Continue reading “Earth Send On 4 November 2022”

On Charlene Spretnak’s Birthday

For everyone interested, here is a 2015 presentation with Charlene Spretnak, Mariannne Williamson, Barbara King and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati about change making women, holistic leadership and the necessary cultural transformation that will be championed by women – from the ground up (not from the top down). It is a bit over an hour. Enjoy.