Peace With and Peace Within

Just for today I am grateful for all the people who have not given up on peace and who are working for peace and for the people who are growing the courage to live a life of peace.

When we think of peace, we first think of Peace With. Now that we acknowledge more and more that everything happens in our own homes, that the Change Begins With Me, we include to the definition of peace another aspect, and that is Peace Within.

May your family, your community, your lifestyle and the way you relate to yourself grow in peace.

When you live from the heart, your priorities shift to peace. I am grateful for the many choices I have made in the last fifteen years. I am pretty sure I was the first in my own communities, but one has to be the first.

(If I was to do it again, I would start smaller and with the finer points and go for the kind of peace that benefits me too. It took a long journey to understand that. Nonetheless, I like the way I learned. I know that every step towards peace is rewarding and has a ripple effect.)

Happy World Peace Day to all.

#worldpeaceday #unity

21 September 2015

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