Answer From the Garden

Morning glories in 2016.

It is funny how I always see the shape of a heart in nature — in fog, clouds, tree crowns, water, coffee, stains, leaves… Yesterday, I was pondering a problem in my garden that, on the surface at least, is the opposite of heart or love. I found no answer to how to solve it, and yet it needs a solution. As I glanced back one more time to check if there are any plants that need more water or attention, I noticed that my morning glory vine had grown into the shape of an almost perfect heart. Green heart-shaped leaves and pink petals — pink and green are the colours of the heart chakra — and the plant climbs the wall to form a large heart about 4 m high and wide.

Maybe that is my answer… That my approach needs to come from who I am. That what is asked of me is to not adjust to motivations I can not vibe with. Just let everything be. Stay with love.

21 September 2016

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