Earth Send On 4 November 2022

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our weekly earth send. Once again, we are grounding ourselves in sanity, unity and harmony. In my region, nature has provided the harvest. Many stores are filled with produce that is in season, affordable (at a time of inflation,Continue reading “Earth Send On 4 November 2022”

Sanity In Relationships And In Life

Sanity is a great good. Sanity is very underrated too. Given the choice between “being swept away” and sanity, choose sanity. Because good love only finds you when you are sane. While in an imbalanced state, the affair that will find you might soothe you, or appear to be what you want, even distract youContinue reading “Sanity In Relationships And In Life”

From Mindset to Mindset

When I was a teenager, the things that move or impress me today were already part of my experience, but I didn’t react to them in the same way. I registered them as “curious”, “odd”, somewhat uncommon and as having more life force, even though I wouldn’t have used the term and I didn’t haveContinue reading “From Mindset to Mindset”

Firm Love Talking

You too deserve to be happy. Don’t make your heart wrong, don’t make your mind wrong, let them work together for your happiness. Look at all the patterns that keep you unhappy and resolve to give them up, one by one. ✩ A major obstacle to happiness is the expectation that people be different thanContinue reading “Firm Love Talking”

70% Happiness

You don’t have to work hard to be happy. What you have to do is relax more. Take care of your health. And choose your friends wisely. As ordinary as it sounds, company determines how you feel about life. Most human problems, and nearly all grief, are due to company: the wrong crowd, shallow bonds,Continue reading “70% Happiness”

Love for Love’s Sake; Protest Out Of Love Too

I find it good to challenge and question everything that offends us, our love and sense, in a world that is losing both. I find it good to add beauty and encouragement to all things that elevate us, that promote our love and sense, for the (less evident) part of the world that has neverContinue reading “Love for Love’s Sake; Protest Out Of Love Too”