Firm Love Talking

You too deserve to be happy.

Don’t make your heart wrong, don’t make your mind wrong, let them work together for your happiness.

Look at all the patterns that keep you unhappy and resolve to give them up, one by one.

A major obstacle to happiness is the expectation that people be different than they are and the idea that it is “I” who can not change. Decide to be happy, and your attitude will shift to the exact opposite: it is “I” I need to renew and allow to grow, while everyone else can be who they are. They can stay the same or choose to grow too; neither will interfere with doing what is right and my serenity.

So here is to I. What about the You, Us, and They?

We live in a world where what we do affects others and what they do affects us. Other people’s decisions can add to, or subtract from, our happiness. Face it. (And let that urge to shop for more denial about it pass.) How will you centre in happiness while living with a community?

Claim your personal power and change what you can. Become aware of the tendency to brood over what you can’t change – for now and maybe never. Identify it as a habit that impedes your happiness. Refocus on what you can do – now and in the future.

Decide to be happy every day. Use your power every day. Disengage from confusion. Give your all to change what you can change. When you change it, savour it. It is your victory.

This complicated world will baffle you as long as you don’t claim your power to shape what you can. Once you act from power and allegiance to happiness, your head is clear, your heart is gratified, and you are you – sane in the chaos.

Don’t expect rewards for being sane other than your own approval. The world is out of balance and rewards imbalance. Become independent from applause and indifference. Trust the good feeling of being sane. Sane is close to happy.

Switch on the love and stay sane. Let happiness pour in.

Happiness is yours when you treasure it, pursue it and allow it.

On 24 May 2014

Sculpture by © Lorenzo Quinn, Force of Nature.

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