Articulate Gratitude

If you get a second chance after a traumatic period in life, or a third chance after making too many mistakes, or a fourth chance after a lot of heartache, those are real reasons to be grateful for. Sometimes they aren’t easy to put in words, because those experiences are monumental and rich in emotion,Continue reading “Articulate Gratitude”

Cessation of Conditioning

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was born on this day in 1792, mentioned in one of his writings (I can’t refer to it now, I am pulling it from memory) that men go mad with desire for the rare, exotic, withholding, and those they can not figure out. That may be a fair statementContinue reading “Cessation of Conditioning”

Firm Love Talking

You too deserve to be happy. Don’t make your heart wrong, don’t make your mind wrong, let them work together for your happiness. Look at all the patterns that keep you unhappy and resolve to give them up, one by one. ✩ A major obstacle to happiness is the expectation that people be different thanContinue reading “Firm Love Talking”

There is Life After Bruises, Haphazard Choices, Being a Victim, Chaos and Tears

I learned something pretty interesting this week, when I listened to an interview where Tina Turner presented her autobiography. Tina Turner, who is known all over the world for her singing, long career in rock’n roll, and, more recently, for chants for peace and unity, her leaving a turbulent, loveless, violent marriage (to Ike) inContinue reading “There is Life After Bruises, Haphazard Choices, Being a Victim, Chaos and Tears”