Cessation of Conditioning

Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet, by ImageGear

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was born on this day in 1792, mentioned in one of his writings (I can’t refer to it now, I am pulling it from memory) that men go mad with desire for the rare, exotic, withholding, and those they can not figure out.

That may be a fair statement for men.

As for myself, not a man, I am grateful on this day that I have been cured from this attraction. It surfaced in only one area of my life; and, sure enough, in that one place that I couldn’t ignore.

So I had to let my keen and more sophisticated emotions guide my stubborn and somewhat obsessive thoughts and allow them to g r o w into an appreciation of the accessible, common, abundant. It took a while. It worked. I haven’t felt pulled in that direction for many, many months.

It is fine to love elusive animals and feel elated when they share their presence with us. But with people, who are not lynxes after all, it is safe to say that we always overestimate those who are not there for us. Attaching glamour to those with a mountain of problems, obstacles and secrets is a bad idea for two reasons: you are going against your feeling and intuitive impression of the situation, and the answer for their keeping distance is what you would choose to not know: it is either something really boring or destructive, or both.

Learned lessons.

#changeyourthoughts and revel in your #freedom

04 August 2015

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