Something To Look Forward To:

Bronze statue by Eliassen @

There comes a time when you have outgrown certain habits, distractions, dramas, and you can say it too in the matter-of-factly style that you would refuse a coffee when what you want, need, and can have, is water.

Desire, need, and attainability certainly speed up the process of deliberately choosing what is right for you. So does being fed up with the results of the wrong choices. Sometimes, however, all you need is to hear how someone firmer than you communicates their preferences, and you decide that you will do it just like that from now on too.

And that is what you do. 

Language has that power — to bring light to the mind that has yet to acknowledge that the reorientation has already happened, that what you need, want, and will choose is something that supports your life and vitality, and all that is left to do is to articulate it.

#selflove in action and in #words

#mirrors on the journey


5 August 2018

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