Happy Birthday to Rajendra Singh!

Dr. Rajendra Singh. Read more about his work with Tarun Bharat Sangh at http://tarunbharatsangh.in/

Rajendra Singh, whose 61st birthday is today, has rejuvenated many rivers and aquifers in Rajasthan, India, with his foundation over the years, and has the answer to many water problems on earth, one of our era’s biggest challenges. The model of water conservation he initiated was old, not high-tech, ecologically sane, pretty low cost, community building (since it involved the villagers too), and highly effective. The results speak for themselves. The Waterman’s approach can be used in many regions of the world.

I am grateful to the example he has put in front of us. May life give him many more years and more recognition for his solution and his perseverance. Water Is Life.

6 August 2020

Two newer interviews from this year:

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