Healers in the Plant World

Image by Morton Arboretum, swiss stone pine

Wild fruits or herbs with the most concentrated healing properties tend to grow in places where other plants do not manage to develop.

The reason for that is not, as some have interpreted, that potent plants do “not depend on” a community, that they become rugged loners, or undemanding, low maintenance, “neglect lovers”; on the contrary, even those plants can not exist without the web of life, without soil, sun, water, some organisms, in other words, “friends” who visit them and help their growth. Their secret lies not in being deprived of care, but that they succeed at thriving against the odds and that they draw from the soil and the environment enough of what they need to become medicine.

Many of these plants may grow without the help of humans, and yet, they serve humans. Many of them grow in areas of intense sun exposure too. Through their health promoting benefits, they offer sun light in edible form.

7 August 2018

#perceiving #medicine #berries #leaves #evergreens #nature

#receptivity #sensitivity #Gaia

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