Healers in the Plant World

Wild fruits or herbs with the most concentrated healing properties tend to grow in places where other plants do not manage to develop. The reason for that is not, as some have interpreted, that potent plants do “not depend on” a community, that they become rugged loners, or undemanding, low maintenance, “neglect lovers”; on theContinue reading “Healers in the Plant World”

Summer Is Heaven

Summer is heaven. I feel in my element. Summer is my time. Everything but the mosquitoes contributes to my well-being. I could easily live in a hot climate. I love the freedom of wearing thin and few garments. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin — effortless contentment, it feels so nurturing.Continue reading “Summer Is Heaven”

The Redolence of Heat

I am grateful to the first thing I notice on this day: To the hot pink sky before sunrise that only deep summer produces. To the succulent green foliage in the land. – The colours of the heart chakra. To the perception of slow motion that the heat induces, that time is expanded and abundant.Continue reading “The Redolence of Heat”