Summer Aloha 2019

Thanks to all who were in our last circle. Solstice is certainly a magical time of the year.. Many people on all continents observed the seasonal change in a celebratory or prayerful or both, a celebratory and prayerful, style.

I have to remind myself at times that sometimes we may not see kindness or evolved traits in a person or certain groups yet, but underneath the surface, a lot of change is happening, and the readiness to evolve is strongest in those who are the most frustrated and fed up, who know that they can’t go on as they used to, and in those who got ripped off or deceived in some way.

That is how you encounter one type of behaviour in February … and a redeemed new person in November… Something clicked.. and they chose something better for them.

This seems to the theme in 2019: noticing people evolve quite fast.

There is probably an aspect of me that is mirrored in that.. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is… The main thing I notice this year is that I am able to sleep. That my sleep isn’t interrupted anymore and all the benefits that follow from it: less stress, and more presence, in my perception, thoughts, choices.

I have often found that most of my transformations are subtle and don’t translate well to showy words, they are more like tweaks than like full overhauls.

It is nice to sleep better. 

May your weekend be sunny and inspire you with serene and original thoughts.

A blessed new season to all.


22 June 2019

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