Blind Spot In the Culture

You become prey to all kind of advertising (and promises never meant to be delivered) for as long as you don’t accept and trust yourself. And for as long as you keep telling yourself all the things you lack.

This is where our culture has a full blind spot. And the few who understand it well don’t stop it, because they profit from it.

Know the knot in your throat, or in your gut, when you are being sold something you don’t need. Notice how destabilized you feel around certain products or ideas. This is your body’s knowing communicating to you that something is not quite right, that it doesn’t serve your health. That it is not a good time to make choices that affect your life.

This applies to the simple and daily decisions and the big and destiny-shaping steps you make. Everything counts; every piece is your life. You have the knowingness within to steer you.

Choose what is in alignment with you. Be clear and stay clear. Let the attraction to the best be your guide.

23 June 2015

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