Summer Is Heaven

Ernst Eitner, Summer

Summer is heaven. I feel in my element. Summer is my time. Everything but the mosquitoes contributes to my well-being. I could easily live in a hot climate. I love the freedom of wearing thin and few garments. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin — effortless contentment, it feels so nurturing. I love the night skies full of sparkling and shooting stars. I love watching fruit mature in the heat. I love how the vegetation releases its perfumes into the air.

This is it!

The sun offers the gift of life lavishly to all. Its generosity is a powerful teacher. It uplifts, it beautifies, it energizes, it makes things grow and evolve — and no actions or thoughts on our part can undo its generosity.

11 August 2018

#bliss #season #grateful#unforgettable#theseasonoffire#sun

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