Midsummer Moon

Painting by Paula Holtzclaw @ https://www.paulabholtzclawfineart.com/

Under the almost full moon, it is easy to feel good…

Life’s blessings:

To be awake.
To be conscious in your choices and in your creations.
To be the reason why someone smiles today and knows that life is good and full of wonder.

Catch your juicy thoughts while you moon-bathe. Share them.


31 July 2015

#waxinggibbous #moonbathing #thanks

#Canadiana #ontheroad

One thought on “Midsummer Moon

  1. While seeing a smile brighten another’s face from a caring and loving gesture I do need to see the smile to Know it is there. That in turn has me more conscious of my choices: For myself and interacting with others. It is a fruit that blooms and a seed planted in the same moment. It is a reflection of my being aware, being awake. Today I am mindful and have deep gratitude for the fruits I have and the seeds I receive plus freely give

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