Nurture It Forward: EarthSends

Watercolour by Nita Engle

One thing I can always rely on, for the last 17 years or so, when I started sending healing to our planet every Friday:

Friday turns out good to great. Saturday is better.

Yeah, I have been doing it that long. I plan to practise it for life.

Friday brings heaven to earth every week. The rest of the week gets an infusion of clarity and kindness.

Everything we do from love matters. It may take a while to notice it, but you will: your life will have more flavour and more sunshine.

#waterislife #oceanplanet #interbeing #allourrelations #Gaia #wellbeing #santosha

#harmony #love #connection #blessings

#earthsend #reiki #Friday #nurtureitforward


29 July 2017

2 thoughts on “Nurture It Forward: EarthSends

  1. Love will always and matter and everything that flows from it will deeply have meaning in this life and all others. Saturday begins and continues to build upon what all of us do together on Friday in, though and with love.

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