Love Is – You Can Not Create It – Cherish It

You can strengthen a bond through shared experiences. But you do not create love.

Love rises effortlessly for no other reasons than that a person inspires it by being – himself or herself.

Some people leave us cold. Some give us a hard time because we don’t fit their ideas of who we should be. Some throw us off balance. (These people often cause obsessions, preoccupy us, confuse us and distract us from ‘destiny’, from developing our talents.)

Then, some make us grateful to be alive. They draw us in and teach us how to love in a consistent way.

And some people simply touch the sacred spot in us – our balance and inspiration. We want to live because we know them. We want to make our time significant, live in a graceful way, bless those we come in contact with. People who move us like that are the ones we love. Notice what they have in common to know what attracts you the most and where your home is.

So if you want love, do not let anyone manipulate you. Be a person you can believe in.

Distance yourself from manipulators and other asses.

Trust in love. That it finds you in a beautiful way. It always does.

Go into your centre every day. Know that this is how you feel when you are with your love.

16 July 2015





(I tolerate other definitions of relationships, romance, arrangements…

I am just intrigued by relationships of love. It is what I like to explore. Just like you study what you like, I study what I like.)

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