Nurture It Forward: EarthSends

One thing I can always rely on, for the last 17 years or so, when I started sending healing to our planet every Friday: Friday turns out good to great. Saturday is better. Yeah, I have been doing it that long. I plan to practise it for life. Friday brings heaven to earth every week.Continue reading “Nurture It Forward: EarthSends”

Healing Circle on 12 June 2020

We are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of our planet and our waters and the well-being of the waters within us and within all life. We humans are the animal that has the wonderful ability to savour well-being and to amplify that well-being. With our minds, we can do amazing things, riseContinue reading “Healing Circle on 12 June 2020”

Heart-Reveal In Spring 2020

Thanks to all who participated in the healing yesterday. The core impressions I had were the deep, juicy greens that mark the month of May and the acceptance of baggage. Green speaks to the heart. We experience other colours mixed into green, for example, flowers or tree bark with an abundance of leaves as pleasantContinue reading “Heart-Reveal In Spring 2020”