Heart-Reveal In Spring 2020

Local lilac, shot by writer

Thanks to all who participated in the healing yesterday.

The core impressions I had were the deep, juicy greens that mark the month of May and the acceptance of baggage.

Green speaks to the heart. We experience other colours mixed into green, for example, flowers or tree bark with an abundance of leaves as pleasant and refreshing. Green does not clash with but enhances other colours. That finds a parallel in the inclusive, supportive, unifying and enhancing energy of the heart: everything can live in, and with, the green, everything is welcome, everything can shine, and the green stays the main thing. 

“The acceptance of baggage” was a term that came to me in several conversations I had in between the healing sessions. Again, I noticed that the sheltering-in-place situation has had a pretty good effect on most of my friends and acquaintances.. and that they are imagining solutions and developing… and thinking about what they might do when a similar scenario surfaces again. In other words, they are preparing for the future. A good number of people have grasped that what is left to work on is the stuff we “like to avoid”, tried to avoid, and that perhaps it wasn’t as big as we used to tell ourselves. That with the extra time, we dared to face it, and it wasn’t so time consuming, scary, or impossible. 

The highlight of my day was not even reiki – and that is rare! It was my son. He involved me into a conversation about politics and got very passionate about his views, all of which were well researched. I even learned (ha ha) a few things… I am glad that he is as he is and that he has found the strength to be himself and to care about the future and not about what his peer group dictates. I also observed a strong proactive streak in him. That he refuses to just react to whatever comes next – well, in the spirit of “honouring my teachers and elders”, all his influences have done well, and he is exercising his freedom of thought.

I also noticed “the acceptance of baggage” in him. As in: “Life gave me some bitter pills long before I was ready, but I was raised with love and great values, and I want to make my path.”

I will do my best to close some doors too and be in more appropriate fields for me.  🙏

I accept that regardless of how often you raise the vibration and expect the best, people make their own choices that have to do with where there are at.

The covid19 situation was excellent at revealing many people’s intentions and the condition of their heart and heart energy.

May your weekend in mid-May be beautiful and satisfying.

Until Friday. 


16 May 2020

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