Just for Today, May Our Teachers Feel Our Love

On this Friday, our teachers, people who have gone before us and made a way for us, are getting abundant appreciation and as much as they can take in. May they be in bliss on this day.

We are including: our reiki teachers, of course, everyone committed to raising their children well and with skill, all who gave us faith in humanity. Just for today, may our teachers feel our love.

I give thanks to the sunlit Sunday in the summer of 1995 when my wonderful teacher Laila Schenk attuned me to reiki. 

May this healing circle for the well-being on Gaia be a celebration and a heart link to all who have shown us a way, that there is a way where there is a will, and that with new information we can become renewed people who are a blessing to earth, to the waters, to all living beings, to our human family.


15 May 2020

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