Secure In the Earth

May 2015, in my neighbourhood

Your roots go deep into the earth
where you find water, nutrients and strength
to grow tall and open yourself
to the sun, the source
of light, of life, of love that endures,
to keep your spine straight
and welcome the gift from above:
life force, heat, and illumination.
While winds blow
over you, through you, then scatter and stop,
you shield those for whom you are home,
birds, climbing mammals and insects.
Storms do not disturb
your making moisture for the air,
your making shade
for those who dwell and rest and grow under you,
your making blossoms, perfume and nectar for the bees,
your making leaves
that metabolize air and sun rays
and offer something useful and new
beyond the gorgeous green that charms the eyes,
your making fruit that are sweet medicine
to taste buds, organs, and well-being,
that feed bodies
and the mind with the clue
that what is harmless and succulent and alive
is what is for life.

And all that,
because you are secure in the earth.

15 May 2015

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