Meditation In May 2018

We are meeting in meditation for the earth, sending love and thanks to the home that keeps us alive and well — both the earth and our personal space, the loving people in it and the sustainer of it.

We are sending thanks to Creator for giving us life, so we can experience it, learn, evolve and beautify it.

We are sending good thoughts to the people who are struggling to find a life of inner peace and who are uprooted from their home – literally and proverbially – and who are without access to fresh water. May they find safety and well-being.

We are sending peaceful thoughts to people living in confusion. May they stabilize and benefit from our clarity and caring.

We are sending healing to all people and situations on our healing list, just for today.

We are sending appreciation to the waters on earth. Water forgive me. Water, we love you. Water, we bless you. Water, we thank you.

We are sending appreciation to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whose 60th birthday is today and who has brought an effective program of destressing, meditation and peace work to many parts of our earth that has empowered many people to make much better choices and to discover harmony they hadn’t known before.

Last not least, I want to thank the Love that has risen this year between soul families and soul partners and that keeps connecting people in beautiful ways.

Love is the inspiration for creativity, for peace, the reason why we can empathize with others, our true refuge, the motivation to continue building — even in the bleakest conditions — and why we have faith in a tomorrow.

Love moves us to make things more pleasant and healthy.

Love also makes us able to clean up after the people we loathe because we know why we do it.

Ha ha. Well, you know it is true: you can only work for anything of value despite the setbacks and the opposition because you have a higher vision and more love inside you than they do.

Happy Friday, everyone.

May this day lighten all and relax all who are here and who will be in our grid of love and light for the day.

Thank you so much for joining.

13 May 2018

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