How Do You Contribute To the Web Of Life?

Confidence grows from contributing to the harmony in the web of life. It is not a showy type of confidence that you can push on others in order to prove a point and that crumbles before a challenge, rather the opposite: the confidence that lets you feel at peace, makes you available and able toContinue reading “How Do You Contribute To the Web Of Life?”

Resilience through Self-Compassion

The only good that comes out of a series of heartbreaks is that, while you are having one, you know that you will get through it and be fine after. People who live guarded, or doubt that you can be hurt by anything but by your own thoughts, are out of touch with passion. MaybeContinue reading “Resilience through Self-Compassion”

Secure In the Earth

Your roots go deep into the earthwhere you find water, nutrients and strengthto grow tall and open yourselfto the sun, the sourceof light, of life, of love that endures,to keep your spine straightand welcome the gift from above:life force, heat, and illumination.While winds blowover you, through you, then scatter and stop,you shield those for whomContinue reading “Secure In the Earth”