Healing Circle on 12 June 2020

We are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of our planet and our waters and the well-being of the waters within us and within all life.

We humans are the animal that has the wonderful ability to savour well-being and to amplify that well-being. With our minds, we can do amazing things, rise above the gang mentality, and choose to cultivate an attitude that brings life energy into our surroundings..

With our minds, we can also comprehend that all life wants to live, that animals and plants also take pleasure from being alive, just like we do. Some animals and some plants move us with their vitality, tenderness, ability to enjoy themselves – and because we are open to being moved in such a way, we can alter our perception about what has value and what we want to promote and maintain. The openness to being moved, that state of receptivity, is actually sacred, because love can pour into us and steer us.

May your Friday be a refreshing and winsome moment in this month of many positive surprises.

Reiki will flow throughout the day. 


12 June 2020

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