New Territory

Open your mind to new thinkers and new thoughts if you want to manifest something unfamiliar to you, or if you are working on something that goes beyond your previous manifestations. Expose yourself less to those who copy others and prey on your compassion, friendliness and know-how, those who keep recycling the attitudes of theirContinue reading “New Territory”

Culture Hungering for Love

Those unaware of the deficit of love in their lives will always be drawn to extremist ideologies and, once lured in with the promise of power (power over others), will join a cult of hatred, seemingly at the drop of a hat. However sudden the attitudinal change appears to an onlooker, it is actually notContinue reading “Culture Hungering for Love”

Healing Circle on 12 June 2020

We are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of our planet and our waters and the well-being of the waters within us and within all life. We humans are the animal that has the wonderful ability to savour well-being and to amplify that well-being. With our minds, we can do amazing things, riseContinue reading “Healing Circle on 12 June 2020”