Cessation of Conditioning

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was born on this day in 1792, mentioned in one of his writings (I can’t refer to it now, I am pulling it from memory) that men go mad with desire for the rare, exotic, withholding, and those they can not figure out. That may be a fair statementContinue reading “Cessation of Conditioning”

Go to the Root

When you stabilize your life, mood, finances, you will talk about other topics than about the long list of issues that make you angry, the apologies about why you can’t enjoy your calm and historically remarkable liberties and safety, and you will be less interested in portraying yourself as unworthy or a castaway. Perspective comesContinue reading “Go to the Root”

The Gold of Love and the Brass of Self-Assertion

The phrase “I love you” is often used for reasons of seduction, self-centredness (“I love myself .. when you are around”), therapeutically (“I am feeling awkward and don’t know what else to say”). Maybe that is fine? It just does not mean what it says: “I love you. I care about YOU.” The person whoContinue reading “The Gold of Love and the Brass of Self-Assertion”

Culture Hungering for Love

Those unaware of the deficit of love in their lives will always be drawn to extremist ideologies and, once lured in with the promise of power (power over others), will join a cult of hatred, seemingly at the drop of a hat. However sudden the attitudinal change appears to an onlooker, it is actually notContinue reading “Culture Hungering for Love”


Of all the skills you can awaken in your son as a parent, emotional literacy is the most important. Not only will it give him the building blocks for success on the job and in his approach to life, but also for his long relationships, especially romantic relationships. It is common knowledge that a relationshipContinue reading “Sons”