Earth Send On 21 October 2022

We are meeting in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life and in our reiki send. Both the change of the season in the region where I live and the upgrades in my life have been so fast and complete that it will take time to put them into words. (I may beContinue reading “Earth Send On 21 October 2022”

Prosocial Fixes to Parasocial Fiascos

In 2022, celebrity culture has taught us that if no substance can be offered, it may be better to remain quiet and┬áleave something to the imagination┬árather than forcibly remove the veil and stun everyone with how stunted in growth, how unable to manage rage or basic personal schedules, how preoccupied by the perception of victimhoodContinue reading “Prosocial Fixes to Parasocial Fiascos”

Go to the Root

When you stabilize your life, mood, finances, you will talk about other topics than about the long list of issues that make you angry, the apologies about why you can’t enjoy your calm and historically remarkable liberties and safety, and you will be less interested in portraying yourself as unworthy or a castaway. Perspective comesContinue reading “Go to the Root”