Repair Your Thinking, Prioritize Well-Being

The avoidance of comfort at all costs is a trauma response. We hear a lot about the opposite, about the avoidance of new information, of conflict, of fact-based discussions… But the fact that so many millionaires — in the media and in visible professions — are actively encouraging war, wars, vigilance, self-defense and dissatisfaction, notContinue reading “Repair Your Thinking, Prioritize Well-Being”

Earth Send On 21 April 2023

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our earth send. Everyone who requested reiki and is willing to receive, can relax and receive it now. Everyone who requested spiritual assistance in form of good thoughts, prayers and lightwork, let yourself receive it now. We also shower each other inContinue reading “Earth Send On 21 April 2023”

Prosocial Fixes to Parasocial Fiascos

In 2022, celebrity culture has taught us that if no substance can be offered, it may be better to remain quiet and leave something to the imagination rather than forcibly remove the veil and stun everyone with how stunted in growth, how unable to manage rage or basic personal schedules, how preoccupied by the perception of victimhoodContinue reading “Prosocial Fixes to Parasocial Fiascos”