Earth Send On 21 April 2023

Painting by Michele Cascella (1892 – 1989). There are many reasons to dig his work. And his family name rhymes with mine.

Welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and our earth send.

Everyone who requested reiki and is willing to receive, can relax and receive it now.

Everyone who requested spiritual assistance in form of good thoughts, prayers and lightwork, let yourself receive it now.

We also shower each other in gratitude, love and reiki. If you feel drawn to a situation — a region and ecosystem, a pet in need, or people who would request healing, if they knew they could —, please hold it, and them, in your loving awareness today.

In my last Earth Send invitations, I illustrated how you can practise the five reiki rules and give them life in your own and to you meaningful ways.

We try to rise above our worries and anger.

We give our best to work with honesty.

We honour people who have gone before us and to whom we are biologically and spiritually linked and from whom we have learned and gleaned a few skills, perspectives, good traits and solution orientation.

The reiki rules are a superb frame to the canvas of our life. While those who have watched us and made us grow do not expect that we recall them regularly, it is uplifting and connecting to do so. We notice the impact people had on us and thanks to whom we could become the people we are today. Of course, honouring our elders and teachers means nothing when we approach it as an etiquette “should”. But it means the world to us when we remember the people we look up to and who have moved us.

The most (?) auspicious reiki rule “Just for today, I will be grateful for all the blessings in my life” means different things in different chapters, even in different moods. It is an excellent reminder that life is a gift, an offering and an opportunity to wake up and that we can not take for granted what has been given to us, but that we can cherish everything.

Put in the right context, our daily lives appear fortunate, rich and surprising. Many people are unable to fathom that, or are so preoccupied and on autopilot that it doesn’t occur to them to notice what treasures are theirs and with them. Let us be perceptive. Let us be appreciators of the good that we already have access to.

I believe in evolving the reiki rules into attitudes, micro corrections, self-alignment and green lights to mine for the gold in our existence.

At times, we don’t feel that we want to control our anger and get a grip on our anxieties, that people deserve our respect, that we should be the virtous one, or that we have much to be grateful for. There is a spontaneity bias in many cultures and subcultures, too. Holding onto reiki rules can seem a tad formal and maybe too much effort for so little benefit. I want to provide a different angle, though: we are capable of giving into whims, and we are capable of conduct that we would like to be known for and that grows our good traits:

self-observation, objectivity, personal power, dignity, enthusiasm, emotional intelligence, presence of mind.

It is alright to feel less than centered and to come back to yourself.

It is pretty useful to notice that you want to amp up other sides of you and that you feel triggered in some environments and that you get an itch to spice things up.

Know that you can remove yourself from environments that are not supportive to you. It is easier when you are of clear mind and not in conflict with yourself.

As practitioners of reiki, we are giving the reiki rules a chance again and again to work on us.

When I first heard about the five rules, they sounded succint and sane to me. I was a fan of succint and sane! Through experimentation, I learned how useful, centering and fun they would be to me. Because I practised reiki as a very young person, I avoided a whole lot of trouble and bad decisions. That I have been a reiki practitioner longer than not is one of my life’s big blessings. In June 2025, I will observe my thirtiest anniversary of practice. It is amazing to me, and it is my daily life.

My way with reiki never felt exceptional — when you cut out my age at the beginning and early hiccups on the journey, not with the practice, but with peer practitioners who stereotyped me and with my social circles who did not understand why, exactly, I was drawn to reiki (as if it is incomprehensible to be drawn to self-refinement and healing at a young age, ha ha) —, but it has always felt like a love affair, and one that keeps going and keeps giving…

So this weekend, the Lyrids are peaking, while Venus and the moon are quite close together — that is a lot of radiant sky bodies in the night sky at the same time; it is Earth Day, International Dark Sky week… To many people, Taurus season is the most lovely time of the year; to others, it is the beginning of the breezy and pleasant months of the year. Nature provides plenty of delight: bird songs, sunny hours, beautiful green growth, tree blossoms, refreshing fragrances… You can say that deep spring’s comfort zone is enchantment. I am not sure about numbers, but intuition tells me that most weddings happen in, or close to, May. People born in the sign of Taurus are among the most fortunate of the zodiac. This season plays into the Garden of Eden vibration. We are influenced by it — to the extent that we allow.

May your next days be carefree, filled with appreciation and the frequency of thriving. Let yourself be carried by trust in the process, trust in your abundance, trust in your evolution.

If there are items of gratitude that benefit the whole group, add them below.

I want to thank the Earth for being a teacher and a sublime creative giving us more than sustenance, giving us a home and the backdrop for blissful memories and many reminders of what harmony requires of us.

I also want to thank all nurses and health providers, post and delivery men and women, growers and sellers of the food we eat, confidants and therapists who instruct us to take ownership of our well-being, artists who express awe about the universe, everyone motivated by love who has become more visible in the last years, librarians who maintain the record of human knowledge for anyone interested, teachers who have stepped forward in the years when the human family was weathering an unexpected crisis. I thank everyone involved in giving you a roof above your head and in keeping people housed. We can say that all our blessings begin at home. It may not be common knowledge, but I will help making it common knowledge.

I thank everyone involved in learning how to live with the land and live well.

I am into the beautification of the ecology, of gardens, of our day to day routines, of the inner life. A shout out to all my fellow creatives, meditators, counselors: let’s keep going!

Since 2023, I feel the pull to learn a few new skills. I will prioritize those that seem most realistic to me and leave other interests for a later time. If you are intrigued by things that you haven’t tried before or you want to advance your skill set to the next level, be open to synchronicity and affordability and the time you need to get proficient in your field of choice.

Let your merits grow like the land around you — without struggle and from the blueprint of life.

I guess, this invitation was written in the spirit of the advice given by Taurean writer Joseph Joubert (1754 – 1824): “Never write anything that doesn’t give you great pleasure. Emotion is easily transferred from the writer to the reader.”

My hope is that you can feel it, and that you feel the signs of a wonderful new time emerging.

With santosha. I bow to the universal life force. I bow to flow of creativity. I humbly receive.

21 April 2023

Ah, the joy of flowers! Another painting by Michele Cascella (1892 – 1989).

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