Closing The Gap

Finding an unexpected treasure is a wonderful surprise. But finding exactly what you want and that fits you to a T, that is mind blowing. Therefore, prepare for it. Prepare for the mind blowing experience? Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am. — That is what I am talking about! Guide your mind to the things that you want toContinue reading “Closing The Gap”

No Perfect Time But Now

Please don’t wait until you are dying, or severely sick, to be loving or to shine your light. Please don’t wait until you are in big trouble to be decent and compassionate. Please don’t wait until others wake up, or stop bitching, for you to act in a constructive way. Please don’t let the mountainContinue reading “No Perfect Time But Now”

Growing the Skill, Growing Yourself – Practice for Life

Deprivation causes the desire, though not the skill. In order to gain the skill, you have to practise. You are practising to gain the skill. You are practising not for approvalor for admirationfrom the benign,nor to defend yourselfagainst the envious. The merit in the practiceis that you are growing in the skill. The skill youContinue reading “Growing the Skill, Growing Yourself – Practice for Life”