Emotional Sobriety For A Life Of Gratitude 

“Only Fools Rush In”

 — Elvis Presley

Smelling the Good Life. Photo credit: iStock

The advantage of wisdom is that you can wait for the right thing and hone your perception for the right thing once it comes into focus.

The habit of compulsively spending energy, time and resources on compromises, band-aids or substitutes roots in fear, the fear that you can not have or maintain what you want, the fear that what is meant for you will pass you by, the fear that your own luck will miss you.

Fearful ideas can be challenged, and trust in your resonance and in your worth can be grown.

Do not rush and do not let yourself be rushed into situations that you will have to pull yourself out again and that may convince your brain but do not involve your heart.

Something more suitable is on the way to you.

Distractions and pressure to act before it feels right and before the best conditions are in place are tests about how serious you are, tests about what you value and tests about what you want to manifest. If you do not know that yet, start by getting to know yourself. 

But when you know, you know. Respect yourself enough by choosing that.

In the absence of it, choose perseverance and your health. Polish up a few things. Move a few obstacles out of the way.

Time may be a finite resource, but filling it up with stress, trash, mediocrity or decisions that you can predict will not fulfil you can not expand the time that is available to you. 

Taking breaks from not so great stuff, on the other hand, will liberate some of your time and confirm to you that there is time, that you do not have to chase after things not meant for you, that it is good to breathe, that tomorrow is another day, that things are coming into order, that we need not control the big picture and that what we can take care of is what we are responsible for and our own attitude.

Gratitude is something that rises when you get what you envision for yourself. Living in gratitude is what pretty much everyone desires. The kicker is, it is realistic to steer toward a life of gratitude.

27 April 2023

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