Emotional Sobriety For A Life Of Gratitude 

“Only Fools Rush In”  — Elvis Presley The advantage of wisdom is that you can wait for the right thing and hone your perception for the right thing once it comes into focus. The habit of compulsively spending energy, time and resources on compromises, band-aids or substitutes roots in fear, the fear that you can not haveContinue reading “Emotional Sobriety For A Life Of Gratitude “

Celebrate Liberation From Slipups Rather Than Failure

At times, people feel compelled to keep their failures or heart breaks or pain in place by dwelling on them, by speaking and writing about them, almost as if they are proud of having that experience under their belt. That can grow into a nasty habit. Usually, it does — if you do not workContinue reading “Celebrate Liberation From Slipups Rather Than Failure”

To Have Incarnated In the Body Of a Woman Is a Fine Bliss

In my mind’s eye, I am seeing a scene from a parallel universe: the Creator with a magic wand and some helpers breathing into clay figures the awareness that will live in them… “Surely we can’t give her the body of a man. That would be a huge loss to us all… and no fitContinue reading “To Have Incarnated In the Body Of a Woman Is a Fine Bliss”

Welcoming the Dawn

Just for today,I am comfortable with my light,I am comfortable with my strength,I am at peace with peace,I live in harmony with myself,I co-create with the sun,I let Source run this new day. So todaymy light is my comfort,my strength is my comfort,peace is my delight,I dig the harmony within and the harmony without,the sunContinue reading “Welcoming the Dawn”

I Recommend It:

It is a very nice place to be in when you crave nothing, worry about little, defend nothing and instead are aware of all the resources that make up your abundance, feel connected with those you respect and love, and are grateful to be … in the body, breathing, maybe smiling, and alert. 11 OctoberContinue reading “I Recommend It:”

Under Your Nose

Nonparticipation with evil is a pretty good choice. Engagement with the good is a higher choice. But sometimes you don’t see it, the good, although it is under your nose; and sometimes it smacks you awake, because it is under your nose: it smells so fresh, so good. You let your eyes wander and youContinue reading “Under Your Nose”

“Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings”

We are blasé about so many things until we lose them, and we are unfamiliar with so many things until we receive them. The noticing of blessings is a soft path to awareness: the awareness that your life is being supported, that your actions have consequences, that your mind creates meaning, that your feelings guideContinue reading ““Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings””