Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit

A new lunar year, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are representations of the arts, gentleness, resourcefulness and, if you read between the lines, of peace and prosperity and prosperity through peace. According to this interpretation, the coming months should be more constructive than 2022, marked by higher discernment, the opportunity to get involvedContinue reading “Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit”

Edit What Leaves Much To Be Desired, But Collect the Good

It feels so good to hold on to good things. And it feels great to let everything else go. We are taught to not hold onto our happiness. But no one jumps in to instruct us how to let go of something that harms us and has taken the place of happiness — of allContinue reading “Edit What Leaves Much To Be Desired, But Collect the Good”

Under Your Nose

Nonparticipation with evil is a pretty good choice. Engagement with the good is a higher choice. But sometimes you don’t see it, the good, although it is under your nose; and sometimes it smacks you awake, because it is under your nose: it smells so fresh, so good. You let your eyes wander and youContinue reading “Under Your Nose”