Earth Send On 10 February 2023

My Actions Are My Only True Belongings – Thich Nhat Hanh We are meeting in our meditation for all life on earth and in the Friday Earth Send. We are pouring gratitude into this Circle — recalling all the good conditions, positive surprises, developments and securities that are already ours. May everything that we areContinue reading “Earth Send On 10 February 2023”

March Equinox In 2019

Enter a marvy new season. Spring is here. At last. Happy Equinox. May positive surprises make you smile all season long. May good ideas come into your mind so you can manifest them. And, may your circle be supportive and fun and like family. I have said it before, I will say it again: thisContinue reading “March Equinox In 2019”

Focus On Growing, Not On What Is Falling To Pieces

Engage with the positive. Praise it, so it can grow. Disengage from the negative. Question it, and celebrate the end of it – in style. Don’t give too much attention to it, though. Simply withdraw your support to it, to the best of your ability. But let them know from time to time that notContinue reading “Focus On Growing, Not On What Is Falling To Pieces”

Something In My Heart  –  The Key to Authentic Expression

A few years ago, just before coming out as a Recovering Artist (yes, there is such a thing, if you are an artist in hiding, and I was hiding behind supportive roles, mentoring, excuses, self-sabotage, frequently pulling myself out of situations that happened to me to wake me up to the truth that my lifeContinue reading “Something In My Heart  –  The Key to Authentic Expression”

Snap Out Of Spiritual Boredom, And Work On Your Life.

All spiritual merits have high value. But the level of difficulty or ease is different for each individual. Certain practices come to you naturally, without second thought. Sure, you can aim to improve at everything. But be alert for signs of getting stuck: messages that are high and benign will sound stale, “noisy”, like slogansContinue reading “Snap Out Of Spiritual Boredom, And Work On Your Life.”